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The Gordon-Conwell Seminary was formed by alumni pastors from Jacksonville and by other church leaders. The goal of the seminary is to commit to educational innovation, to faithfulness to the Gospel and to academic rigor. Students from Jacksonville and everywhere else in the state are provided with religious education opportunities at our seminary. The teachings are Christ-centered and conveniently available in Jacksonville. We offer many educational opportunities and our location in Jacksonville makes it easy for students to attend the seminary and learn about the Gospel. Our student body is quite diverse since our students come from all over Florida as well as from the heart of Jacksonville. They all wish to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ before returning home or venturing off somewhere else in the world and share what they learned during their stay at the seminary, usually through ministry functions.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Jacksonville offers varying degree programs for students desiring to take the next step in their Florida seminary academics and ultimately take a bigger leap in their relationship with God. As a theological seminary in Jacksonville, Florida, we fervently desire to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to share the Gospel of Christ effectively, and accurately to Jacksonville, Florida, and the rest of the world.

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Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Jackonville, Florida is one of the most highly respected seminaries in the city of Jacksonville, and all across the state of Florida. Our Goal at Gordon-Conwell Jacksonville is to be stewards of an enviornment where all Florida students take the opportunity to be in fellowship with one another, and God; while developing academic excellence through faith based courses in Jacksonville, Florida.

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